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Tower crane parts maintenance, equipment safety and normal operation

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The Dakota machine lift accessories technical staff pointed out that the tower crane accessories to good maintenance, as long as the full security to keep spare parts to ensure the normal operation of the tower crane equipment, can also reduce security risks. Here's about tower crane parts maintenance.

I. safety inspection

Tower crane should be checked before and after installation and daily use. Including: the metal structure of the weld shall not crack, plastic deformation of metal structure, the pin can meet the quality requirements, in the stop bolt, and anti loosing measures, connecting bolts to regularly arrange preload, wire rope lubrication and maintenance is good, the number of broken wires shall not exceed the standard, will not allow broken strands, not plastic deformation, rope joint standard, gear box and oil cylinder shall not leak, the hydraulic system pressure is normal, the brake and the limit of insurance is sensitive and reliable transmission mechanism, good lubrication, complete and reliable safety device, electric control circuit with good insulation. In particular, to urge the tower crane driver, electrician and mechanical maintenance staff to carry out regular inspection, to check on the wire rope, hook, the transmission parts, limiting safety device for wearing parts, found the problem immediately, do the person, time, measures, strictly eliminate machinery with disease.

Two. Replace tower crane parts

The tower crane parts in long time exposed to the weather, rain and labor operation, will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of strain “ &rdquo. At this point, replacing the faulty tower fittings became the most important. When replacing tower crane parts, special operation is necessary, and operation must be stopped. When stopping, not convenience and with load, and the ground should also draw a safe area, exclusion prohibited entry. In the replacement of important parts or overhaul, tower crane should be removed first.


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